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* Emergency overnight Hot Water Heating Boiler Replacement
* DETROIT POLICE Furnished and Installed emergency portable water chiller for rental to remedy catastrophic Air Conditioning failure during summer 
DETROIT AREA POLICE DEPT  Routine tank repair project saved city cost of over $90,000.00 for a new tank.  Great Lakes was brought in due to budget constraints to find an alternative to tank replacement which had previously been offered as the only solution to the problem by all other contractors. Great Lakes analyzed the situation and solved the problem.  The original tank supports were deteriorated and the tank dropped to the floor. Great lakes fabricated and installed new structural steel legs to support the tank
* DETROIT FIRE STATIONS – Great Lakes is proud to have been able to provide repairs and services to 
   EVERY Fire Station in Detroit.
                                                         * DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Serving many schools in the city of Detroit, here is an example of a tank                                                                  repair and lining at Marcus Garvey Academy
                          * DETROIT RECEIVING HOSPITAL – May 2011 Installed New Heat Exchangers Repaired, cleaned and lined water heaters –
                             Ongoing maintenance is being performed
                          * PONTIAC OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL - 2001 Major repairs to steam boiler
                          * INTER CITY BAPTIST CHURCH – Allen Park MI 2009 Major energy saving project awarded
                             Installation of Rooftop air conditioner, installed 2 new boilers to replace 3 old ones, including all new piping for boilers. New
                             Water heater and 2 water storage tanks installed with new pumps.
New Boilers Installed
New Water Heater with 2 water storage tanks
New Boilers and Water Heaters
                            * JEFFERSON AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – Detroit, MI 2011 New pump installed and tank patched and
                           * NATIVITY CHURCH Detroit, MI (Eastside) Ongoing maintenance for over 20 years Repaired and installed Boilers and Water
* ST RAYMOND PARISH – Detroit, MI 2011
   Drain Piping repaired in ceiling by replacing pipes to fix leaks
* YMCA MACOMB – Mt Clemens, MI. 2011
   Major Tank Repair. Failure due to original contractor using the wrong materials. Galvanized fittings and pipes needed to be replaced with brass, copper and stainless steel products to operate properly with this copper lined tank. Patch was also needed on the outside of the tank to stop leaking – Another success story, saving money by not needing to replace the tank.
  * YMCA - Livonia, MI 2010 Repaired deteriorating tank, replacing tank lining. In addition many pipes needed to be repaired and replaced in various locations
* YMCA SOUTH OAKLAND– Royal Oak, MI serviced by Great Lakes Power Our quote was the lowest by over $1500.00 on their first repair and this established Great Lakes as their service provider from then to present                                            
* LIPKE RECREATION CENTER – Detroit MI (Eastside) June 2009
   Replaced Pool Heater and Piping
* PATTON RECREATION CENTER – Detroit, MI (southwest side) December 2008–
   Emergency Holiday Project – Boilers stopped working over the Christmas break due to faulty installation from previous
   contractor. Great lakes had to remove concrete block (see photo) to access pipes and re-pipe entire project to stop leaks. Air
   Vents also needed to be installed properly
                           * WILLIAMS RECREATION CENTER – Detroit, MI  Great Lakes Power has maintained this center's systems for years.
* BELLE ISLE CASINO Fall 2009 – Replaced leaky rubber-gasketed near boiler piping with welded piping on two hot water heating boilers.
                            * HART PLAZA - Downtown Detroit – Repaired old water pump and stopped leaking. Also leaking heat exchanger repaired on
                             heating system.
                            * MANY DRY CLEANING PLANTS SERVICED – General Linen, United Linen, Classic Cleaners and more – Boilers repaired and
* TACO BELL – Roseville, MI 1984
                           * HISTORIC FORT WAYNE – Downtown Detroit – Great Lakes Power has been the trusted contractor to maintain this property.   
                              This building is where artifacts are restored and replaced for the Historical Museum.
                           * CHENE PARK – Downtown Detroit – 1990 to present maintenance work on pond with fountain
* ANR BUILDING – One Woodward, Detroit, MI –
 Replaced all cast iron boiler sections
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